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DoopChat for Facebook auto reply comments

Meet DoopChat

DoopChat is the legacy of Facebook Auto Reply & Messenger Bulksender, the marketing toolkit by NinjaTeam. You can use it to send automatic public replies and private messages to Facebook fan page comments.

The Story Behind DoopChat

Hi Users,

I’m Tommy, product manager of Facebook Auto Reply. All this time we have been improving Facebook Auto Reply plugin, providing support, implementing your suggestions —and we did it all for a good while.

I believe our frequent users would agree that this WordPress marketing plugin brings great value to their shop. However, our Facebook Auto Reply plugin has recently been turned down due to Facebook changing policy.

In the meantime, we provide other marketing plugins for Facebook Messenger that would help your business greatly the way Facebook Auto Reply can do. Please check our new toolset - DoopChat.

Should Facebook change their policies back again, Facebook Auto Reply will also revive. And we’ll keep you updated.

All the best,


100% response rate

Automatically post replies to comments publicly (in the post thread reply) and privately (in the audience's Messenger inbox).

Unlimited Facebook pages and posts

Connect to DoopChat to strike up conversations & directly give more information to your leads to get more sales. You only need one DoopChat plan for many different Facebook pages.

Common use cases

Pick DoopChat when you want to boost Facebook engagement & conversion rate.

Create posts to drive Facebook users to get involved
Gamify Facebook post content
Offer giveaways through Facebook posts
Build your community faster and more efficiently
Optimize Facebook ad cost & increase conversion rate
Use DoopChat in combination with Facebook ad campaigns

Start Facebook automation today!

Collect leads, build better Facebook community, and automatically send messages to your users.