User Guide for Facebook Live Reactions Guessing Game



Step 1:

Connect WordPress to Facebook App

Choose where you want to go live (page / group / personal timeline)

Step 2:

Create video content, get this video link and paste in OBS

Get Stream Key from Facebook and paste in OBS

Step 3:

Start streaming with OBS

Go live on Facebook


Step 1: Configure initial settings

  • Paste App ID & App Secret from Facebook App dashboard

Facebook Live Reactions Game

  • Click Connect to Facebook. A Facebook pop-up will show. (If it doesn’t show, you need to turn off pop-up block.)
  • Make sure to apply your website domain to Facebook App.

apply website domain to Facebook App.

  • Set Congrats text & video duration (minutes)

video setting

Step 2: Create video content

  • Continue to connect to Facebook and choose where you want to go live.

create live video

  • In Game Settings, set video background, question & images. Save Changes.
  • Copy Video content link and paste at OBS > BrowseSource > URL

Game setting

  • What you see on OBS preview screen is how your live video looks on Facebook.
  • Copy the Stream Key from Facebook pop-up.

copy stream key

  • Paste Stream key in OBS.
  • Make sure your Stream Service is Facebook Live.

paste stream key

Step 3: Go live

  • This is what the Facebook window looks like after you set URL & Stream Key successfully in OBS:

preview live

  • Write your post, video title & tags.
  • Click Start Streaming in OBS Studio and Go Live.

You’re now live, refresh your Facebook page to enjoy the game!


  • After the video duration is over (i.e, after 3 minutes), the live stream video ends. In OBS and Facebook live video screen, you will see the result “Congratulations, *name*. You won!”
  • You only need to setup Step 1 once. All information will be saved for next campaigns.
  • ‘Where you want to go live’ will also be saved. If you want to change the ‘Live’ location, please click Back in Step 2:
create new game
  • The above walk-through applies from version 1.5. For earlier versions, instead of pasting the video link, you will have to save the content file (.html) to your computer and then browse the file from OBS: