Facebook Messenger for PHP

Fastest way to get connected on Facebook for any sellers and business owners!


Meet Facebook Messenger for PHP

Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin is developed to work as an online support desk for your business. Visitors can just leave a message to say Hi, or ask more about your products. And the messages are stored right in your Messenger inbox. You’ll get notified immediately and solve customers’ issues quickly.

The best thing is, you have their contact details in order to capture leads and more sales in the future.

How it worked

Manual installation is easy and takes fewer than one minute.

1. Download the plugin from CodeCanyon, unpack it and upload the [Messenger for PHP] to your web root folder.

2. Copy the code bellow after your body tag

<?php include_once("messenger-for-php/index.php");

3. Change with your fan page URL and with your domain name

4. You’re done. Enjoy.

Notice: If you want to change color, language, text, etc… You can go to messenger-for-php/index.php and change from line 3->7

The number of Facebook users are continuously increasing. Chatbots, apps and new payment system are being developed to help all users find the most convenience in surfing and shopping. So if you’re collecting Facebook leads from now on, you’ll be the winner of the race.

Facebook Messenger PHP is crafted with our extreme care for user friendliness. We apply all of Facebook UI criteria to design the perfect ratio of the chat box. All other buttons are also optimized for legibility and exposure.

Heads up!

I’m Tommy, product manager of Facebook Messenger for PHP. All this time, we have been improving the Notify plugin, providing support, and implementing your suggestions —and we did it all for a good while.

From 2019, Facebook Messenger for PHP will no longer be available as a standalone app. But don't worry, your communication needs are still covered!

We've integrated all the features you know and love from Facebook Messenger for PHP into DoopChat, our powerful marketing messaging platform.

Head over to DoopChat and explore its full potential! I hope you'll love it.