Notifly – Facebook Push Notification

The New Shortcut of Lead Generation & Facebook Retargeting

How Notifly works

Meet WP Notifly

Facebook Push Notifications are clickable. So you can send people directly to any URL on your website (or outside your domain) based on their interests or actions on your website.

How it worked

Based on WordPress and Facebook API, this plugin was developed to send push notifications to your Facebook audience.

  1. Invite clicks: Integrate “Get Notified” buttons or links to your site, blog, app, game or any other form.
  2. Manage subscribers: Categorize your subscribers into group and filter them based on your campaign criteria.
  3. Send push notifications: Create campaigns, send & track Facebook notifications to your users.


I’m Tommy, product manager of Notifly. All this time, we have been improving the Notify plugin, providing support, and implementing your suggestions —and we did it all for a good while.

I believe our frequent users would agree that this WordPress marketing plugin brings great value to their shop. However, our Notifly plugin has recently been turned down due to Facebook's changing policy.

In the meantime, we provide other marketing plugins for Facebook Messenger that would help your business greatly the way Notifly can do. Please check our collection in the links below.

Should Facebook change their policies back again, Notifly will also revive. And we’ll keep you updated.

All the bests,