WP Simple Gallery

Quickly create a responsive simple gallery for WordPress


Meet WP Simple Gallery

Easily create an image gallery and place it wherever you want. Images can be added and previewed from the metabox. Drag and drop to reorder, modify sizes, lightbox styles, and more.

Easy to use

Quickly add your images


This plugin doesn’t collect Facebook users information without their consent.

How it worked

To create your first album gallery, head over to the plugin’s admin menu (WP Main Menu -> Siga -> Add New Gallery).

Give your album a name, then give the album some images in the metabox. (You can edit your image’s attributes by clicking on the image.)


Change your album’s settings in the “Settings” metabox.

album settings

+ Use shortcode in the “Shortcode” input and place it whatever you need.

+ Images per row: the number of images you want to display per row.

+ Rows per page: the number of rows you want to display per page.

Eg: You’ve choosen 3 for “Images per row” and 3 for “Rows per page”. You’ll have 9 images that will display each page on your album, if your album has more than 9 images, a pagination block will automatically appear.

+ Lightbox Style: Select lightbox style you for your gallery. Currently the plugin has 3 styles: Magnific Popup, FancyBox, PrettyPhoto.

+ Thumbnail size: choose thumbnail size for each image. You can select some options in the dropdown, or add new custom sizes you want by clicking the “Add new thumbnail size ?” link.

+ Image full width: if you choose Yes, the image’s size will be 100%.

+ Image Style: defines how the image’s caption is displayed.

While editing page or post (or any custom post type), you can use the “S” button to insert gallery or list-gallery into your post.


+ If you want to insert album gallery: select “Album” from Type dropdown. Then select album,images per row, rows per page… and click the button titled “Insert”.


+ If you want to inset list-gallery: select “Playlist”, choose albums and finally click the “Insert” button. (If you wish to insert more than one album, hold the Ctrl key to select an additional album)