Top Catchy Promo Code Ideas for WooCommerce Stores

Top Catchy Promo Code Ideas for WooCommerce Stores

Are you okay with the marketing strategy for your store? There are many types of promotions currently, which can make the sellers get caught up in the spiral of promotional campaigns and even might not release any impressive promotions. 

As a seller, your biggest duty is to release catchy promotions for customers, typically catchy coupons, which help your store quickly consume products for and entice customers. 

Understanding that, we are here to support your store!

Let’s delve into promotion campaigns through coupon codes in this article, and we will help you to have the top catchy promo code ideas for your WooCommerce store. 

What is a Coupon Code in a WooCommerce Store?

The coupon codes are launched by businesses and retailers on promotional occasions to attract more customers. By using coupon codes, buyers will receive a discount or a percentage discount compared to the normal purchase price of products and services.

Cart checkout was applied catchy coupon code names

By offering coupons, stores, companies, and businesses can encourage consumers to shop while also providing great discounts and incentives, which is especially helpful for attracting new customers. Multiple uses of coupons can help generate repeat business by creating a positive first impression and retaining customers. 

Coupons are an effective form of increasing revenue and an optimal marketing method, helping businesses increase coverage quickly. Offering coupon codes, you should create a catchy and memorable code for customers.

Top Catchy Promo Code Ideas

Attracting customers by coupon code name is also a great method of marketing. However, there are so many holidays, festivals, and events that make the seller difficult in creating a creative coupon name. Let’s refer to some catchy promo code names below and creative for your campaign!

Promo Code with First Order

Customers play a crucial role in the growth and success of any business. It’s important to constantly attract new customers to expand your customer base and increase sales.

Offering promotions is a proven strategy to attract new customers. It appeals to the consumer psychology of wanting to get a good deal and receive gifts, which can significantly increase sales. Additionally, these promotions can help you clear out excess inventory and increase the turnover rate of your products.

One of the promotion strategies to welcome new customers to your store is to give them coupons. For customers, coupons are seen as preferential tickets that help them effectively save on shopping costs. 

There will be two steps to create a catchy code. 

Firstly, think about the coupon code name and fill in the coupon code frame of the WooCommerce Coupon plugin. The code should be related to your brand or the purpose of this discount.

Create a catchy coupon code name


We also provide a list of coupon code names for this situation. 

  • NEWFUN10

Next, you’ll send them through an email welcoming new customers who have logged into your store. YayMail is a great plugin that can help you do this. Please follow our guide.

For more details, we will create a specific code and email through step-by-step for you to follow.

We published a discount 20% coupon code. The name of this coupon is HOWDYJUNIE which is related to our brand.

A welcome email give promo for customers

Promo Code with Last Chance Emails

Last-chance emails are an efficient way to convert lurking customers to potential customers. Customers usually add products to the cart but don’t click on the checkout button. Running a WooCommerce store, you should notice this problem. 

To encourage customers to check out as much as possible, the store should send them an email with a coupon code that tells them the best deal for the products they want to purchase. This is considered a last-chance email or a final push for customers.

We also researched some interesting coupons for this program, check them out:

  • BEAUTY10
  • DONTGO10
  • JUNIE20

Then, build your abandoned cart emails to embed the created coupon code and send this email to customers.

By using YayMail, we built an abandoned cart email to give this coupon code to customers, as you can see in the email template capture below.

Cart Abandoned Email with coupon code

To make the coupon more effective, you should set a usage limit or schedule for the code, creating a FOMO mentality for customers.

Promo Code with Flash Sale Emails

Flash sales are known as quick discounts with extremely attractive incentives or a sale that lasts for a short time because it has different levels of discounts for customers.

The strength of flash sales is the psychological principle of impulse buying––where shoppers decide on a purchase suddenly without forethought.

You can release the flash sale coupons at any time of the year, or on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, etc. This is a program to show gratitude to your customers. Besides, Flash Sale is also an effective solution to increase traffic and promote brand development for the WooCommerce store. 

After researching tips to support a successful Flash Sale campaign that brings high revenue, you should brainstorm to create catchy codes to attract customers’ attention. 

You can consult the codes that we have created below.


Similarly, the first step for this promotion is to create a suitable coupon code. Next, send this code to customers through email or any form you want. 

To specifically explain, we will discount 20% in this flash sale program and send this code to customers whose subscriptions are recurring payments. 

Also using YayMail, a subscription email with catchy promo code names will be built. Follow the image below.

Email to give coupon code for flash sale program

Then, waiting for the sales boom of your store!

Promo Code for The Next Order 

A store’s revenue comes mainly from loyal customers. This shows that paying attention to customer loyalty is an extremely important factor. Therefore, the potential way to encourage customers to repeat purchases with your store is to send them a coupon code. Besides solely acquiring new customers, you also need to ensure that your existing customers are making repeat purchases. Both of them can help grow your sales. 

To drive repeat purchases, we recommend sending the coupon code attached to the completed order email. We also suggest some sample codes.

  • BACKUS10

This is also an occasion to start building a relationship with your customers. Having many loyal customers is a strength of your store, as they can be extremely good brand communicators who can share their positive opinions with friends and relatives, helping your store gain many new potential customers.

After creating a coupon with code name WITHJUNIE20, that means the code has a value discount of 20%. Leverage YayMail, we will send it along with the completed order email.

When owning a loyal customer group, your store not only has benefits in terms of revenue but also receives many benefits in business operations. Let’s research to have effective campaigns! 

Completed Email for loyal customers

Promo Code with Influencers

Another marketing idea is for businesses to use influencers in their marketing plans to take advantage of the influence on the public, thereby realizing your set goals. This method will help businesses reach the right target customers, enhance the business’s reputation, and generate significant revenue.

Collaborating with influencers to promote the business’s products and providing new customers with coupon codes through KOLs is also a way for businesses to get acquainted with new customers.

Some coupon code name ideas we have suggested for your store:

  • TAYLOR20
  • SPIDER20

Thus, give these coupons to influencers, and they will spread to their followers. There you go, get ready to welcome your potential customers!

Advice for Using Top Catchy Promo Code Ideas 

Here are some tips for using top catchy promo code names for your WooCommerce stores:

  • Use clear and concise promo codes that are easy for customers to remember and enter during checkout.
  • Set clear usage restrictions and expiration dates for your promo codes to avoid confusion.
  • Promote your promo codes through multiple channels, such as email, social media, and on your website to maximize their reach.
  • Test different promo code strategies to determine which ones work best for your business.
  • Use analytics tools to track the success of your promo codes and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Promo codes are a powerful marketing tool that can help WooCommerce stores attract and retain customers, increase sales, and improve brand loyalty. By using catchy promo code names, store owners can create effective promotions that incentivize customers to purchase and keep returning for more.

Today, let’s prepare a list of coupon code names and give these to your customers.

In this article, we have suggested some tips to name a promo code. By taking that, you can create compelling promotions that drive sales and build brand loyalty for your business.

Are you ready for the upcoming festive season? The catchy coupon will make your store stand out from the crowd. Let us know how you implement it!

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