How to set up Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot (Updated October 2019)

Step 1: Set up general settings

Please watch this video below

Step 2: Set up some commands

Please see this video to set up some commands for your bot

Step 3: Submit for Facebook App Review

Below is the process of how to get Facebook app approval for Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot plugin.


  • A Facebook Page
  • Business License/ Personal Documents to be verified by Facebook Team

Permission needed:

  • pages_messaging

♦ Please watch this video to know how to submit for this permission:

♦ For the screencast needed to submit, you record one video like the one below. Remember don’t use exactly this one. You need record one by yourself showing how the permissions demonstrate clearly.


♦ For the content submitted, you can refer to this document but remember to provide your own information such as admin login credentials.

You can read more about Facebook verifications below:


If  you have any question, please submit a ticket at Our Support System or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

Many thanks,

Ninja Team

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