Facebook Marketing Tool No.5: CartBack

Facebook Marketing – Tool No.5: CartBack

What is it and how is it beneficial? 

CartBack is a tool that helps you send Facebook messages to those who added to cart but have not checked out. Once they have opted in your list, you can send them messages anytime you want afterwards.

======================== MAIN FEATURES===============================

Recover abandoned carts
Many of customers click Add to cart without checking out. Start capturing those missed sales.

How to keep these customers?
This plugin helps send a personalized message to your customers Facebook Messenger inbox. Make the conversation with your customers. Bring them back to check out page. Close the sale.

Send a personal message to your add-to-cart users
Facebook Messenger has been growing potentially over these years. Over 1 billion people use Messenger every day. Sending a message via Facebook Messenger benefits greatly, reaching to an 80% open rate.

After a customer leaves your site, automatically sending messages will bring them back. The message reminds them of the exact products they viewed, remind them of their loving feelings on your products. It’s like retargeting, but more natural and much closer. More than that, once they have opted in your list, you then can send any retargeting message afterwards.

Real results mean real numbers. See how this plugin is growing your business using our dashboard. In Analytics section, you will see a number of add to cart users and number of messages sent.

How to get it working?

Configure some settings

  1. General settings

2. Reminder Options


3. Add-to-cart users list

4. Analytics

Where to get this tool? It is here.

Where to get support? Come here

Kelly – Ninja Team

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