11 Ideas for Messenger Bot to Boost Your Business

11 Ideas for Messenger Bot to Boost Your Business

Why is Facebook Messenger bot a must?

Chatbots are algorithm-driven computer applications that simulate human conversations. Nearly 1.4 billion individuals are willing to talk to chat bots. And these numbers are bound to increase by leaps and bounds. As a result, businesses should waste no time leveraging Facebook Messenger bots to boost their lead generation activities and increase conversions. 

Let’s review 11 ways a Facebook Messenger bot can help you achieve these business goals:

Enhance Customer Service

chatbot and customers conversation

Facebook Messenger chatbots offer a more pleasing customer experience due to these main reasons:

  • They are available around the clock.
  • They provide instantaneous responses.
  • They share accurate and informative details.
  • Users do not have to install a dedicated app for the service.

Naturally, a combination of the above will allow your business to offer premium customer service as per the client’s convenience.

Understand the Audience Using Pre-Chat Survey

Messenger chat bot pre-chat

Through a pre-chat survey, the Facebook chatbot AI collects the visitor information before initiating a conversation. As a result, you will be successful in capturing lead details, such as their name and contact information, irrespective of the outcome of the chatbot conversation.

Building Brand Awareness

ecommerce messenger bot

You can use the Facebook Messenger bot to share company details, such as what you do, your mission, vision, etc. to create awareness and appeal to their interests. It is particularly helpful in capturing leads of those individuals who have visited your website for the first time. Using a chatbot to share vital organizational details can help warm up the lead as you push them through the sales funnel.

Educate the Audience More on Your Product / Service

It’s not necessary for someone visiting your website to know all about the products or services you offer. Hence, you can make use of the Facebook Messenger chatbot to share additional details on your deliverables. Naturally, consider this technique only after you have been successful in warming up your leads. Alternatively, you can direct them towards blogs and other such resources that subtly talk about your product/service.

Segmenting Your Audience

segment audience using chatbot facebook

Audience segmentation is crucial to keep your interaction highly relevant. Fortunately, the Ninja Team chatbot for Messenger is well-equipped at segmenting and redirecting content based on the customer inputs. It taps into the demographic details to offer personalization, and resultantly, your audience enjoys an apt solution or suggestion.

Encourage the Audience to Visit Your Product / Service Page

Facebook bot gives options

The primary objective of using a Facebook chatbot is to increase conversion. It would, thus, only make logical sense to redirect your visitors to the product or service pages. However, avoid sounding sale-sy and adopt a more natural tone while soft-pitching the idea. Add a dash of humor or creativity to directly address the pain points as it would be more effective in getting them to take the necessary action.

Build Relationships with Subscribers by Broadcasts

If you notice a lead turning cold, you can utilize the chatbot for Facebook to send broadcast messages to reel them back into the conversation. From sharing educational or information-rich content to talking about your accomplishments – there are several ways to grab their attention. 

Broadcasts will help re-engage the leads. Visitors can assert their interests in continuing the conversation or exit the conversation. Either way, you will be making it a customer-friendly experience.

Gather Leads When You’re Not Online

One of the greatest advantages of the Facebook Messenger chatbot is that it facilitates lead generation activities regardless of the sales team’s availability. Depending on the programming of your chatbot for Facebook, it can capture lead information or guide them through the sales funnel. 

Gather Data from your Subscribers for Future Targeting

While searching through your subscriber’s list, you may come across qualified leads that may not be sales-ready yet. In this case, it is wise to score these leads and to engage them using the chatbot on Facebook

Educating and empowering them through blogs and articles can help address any sales objections and make them eager to make the purchase. AI-powered chatbots can identify the topics of their interest and recommend content accordingly.

Engage with the Visitors to Stop Them from Leaving

There are several reasons why a visitor may turn to exit from your website. Maybe they are yet to be convinced about your product/service’s usability. Or because the price/subscription cost is too high. 

In such a situation, the chatbot for Facebook can engage with them and identify the issue. Perhaps, they may even offer an appropriate resolution for the customer query, such as sharing product information or offering a small discount! Regardless, the chatbot can be handy in gathering data that may pinpoint the cause behind the attrition rate.

Revamp the User Experience

One of the common themes that you may have noticed in the above use cases of Facebook chatbot in lead generation activities is that it personalizes the user experience. As a result, the visitor benefits from the accuracy and relevance of the content. Naturally, in an age where time is money, your visitors will appreciate the proactive approach in making things easier for them.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Can be Your Best Choice

Facebook Messenger chatbot has emerged as the most popular and sought-after Messenger bot for lead generation activities. It grants the users the familiarity of the Facebook messenger interface and the convenience of approaching brands over their preferred medium. The chatbot for Messenger can be self-educated, which makes it highly competitive in capturing and nurturing leads. It’s also a really good value since it costs you only $49 for lifetime use.


Chatbots are redefining how customers engage with brands and vice versa. With the introduction of technological advancements such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), chatbots will be successful in reinforcing their position as the most preferred channels for engagement. 

Given the ease and convenience with which businesses can integrate Facebook Messenger chatbot in their lead-generation activities, it is about time to get on board the chatbot express!


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