Facebook Marketing Tool No.1: Live Chat (Customer Chat)

                          Facebook Messenger Live Chat

What is it and how is it beneficial?

Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin runs like an instant messaging system. It allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.

After setup, which is normally less than 2 minutes, the icon of Facebook Messenger and greeting message will appear on your web pages.  Your customers find it convenient to ask about your products or services.

This plugin assures to help your business with time and cost-saving, yet obtain a prompt reply to visitors.

And what else, from those received messages, you will be able to build a rich customer base for online marketing and remarketing later on.  

How to get it working?

1. Download and install it on your WordPress site

2. Customize the plugin


 Now the result is

Where to get this tool? It is here.

Where to get support? Come here

Kelly – Ninja Team

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